Investor's Guide to
Loss Recovery
Louis Straney - Interview
Investor's Guide to Loss Recovery:  Rights, Mediation, Arbitration and Other Strategies, written by a Wall Street veteran and litigation expert, is the first step-by-step guide for; avoiding past mistakes, recovering losses, and restoring investor confidence through reform.
     A practical and candid approach which includes:
Scripts and Commentary On
  •         Non-binding, voluntary mediation
  •         Binding arbitration
 Interviews With
  •          Legal professionals
  •          Litigation experts
  •          Investors        
       Print and electronic formats available November  2011
"...drawing from four millennia of societal mandates from the 282 laws of the Code of Hammurabi to the newly-enacted 2300 pages of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, this book will focus on one and only one tenant:  If someone pokes you in the eye with a sharp stick, take it awary from them, and make them pay for their violence."   ...........Excerpt from Investor's Guide to Loss Recovery.